Quebec City’s BRT proposal: a light rail fan’s worst nightmare?

I found out today that Quebec City has a plan to build an extensive bus rapid transit (BRT) system that...
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Hello there!

I'm Daryl Dela Cruz, age 22 - and as the description at the top of this website states, I live among many other students in one of the most progressive cities in North America. After spending a year away from Canada in one of the most transit-developed countries in the world, it's clear that Metro Vancouver could benefit from ideas and innovation that can contribute to making this community even more vibrant. With this blog, my goal is to take the inspiration I find through my impacts and my achievements and turn those ideas into real change.

Some of the things I've done related to this blog include:

Most of the posts in this blog will likely take on transportation, politics and issues in Metro Vancouver with a hint of Asian influence from my year in Japan. You will also find the letters to the editor I have sent to the news, part of how I used to (and continue to) communicate my concerns. If I interest you, awesome! But we won't always agree, and I encouraged you to feel free to comment and discuss 🙂

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