Calgary Light Rail system incomparable to Surrey

Responding to: If at-grade light rail does the job for Calgary, it will for Surrey too – South Fraser Blog I […]

New Surrey LRT study wastes taxpayer money

The City of Surrey has released a new report by Shirocca Consulting titled “Economic Benefits of Surrey LRT”, available on […]

Transit Ideas: Fixing the 407 and 430 (Richmond)

Despite ongoing attempts at service optimizations that fix costly and inefficient oddities in the Metro Vancouver transit system, there remain […]

Testing out Transitmix – New Transit Mapping/Visualization Tool

I caught wind of Transitmix while scrolling through my new reads on Pulse Reader. Jarrett Walker’s blog (Human Transit) has […]

Vibrant Communities, Productive Citizens: a Surrey Rapid Transit Vision

Background (scroll down to read the vision!) If you’ve read about me in any way, you’ll likely know about my […]

Montreal may use SkyTrain technology for Champlain Bridge “LRT”

After Côté tribute, council debates Champlain Bridge transit BY RENÉ BRUEMMER, GAZETTE CIVIC AFFAIRS REPORTER MAY 26, 2014 MONTREAL — The […]

The Problem with SkyTrain Critics – Denying the Benefits

I think I’ve pretty much seen it all: unfound claims on SkyTrain’s financial burden, claims that entire tram networks could […]

NEWSLETTER: Next Surrey Mayor should support SkyTrain

“The LRT or BRT plan to Guildford is very inconsiderate… Never mind the permanent effects – during construction, Guildford residents […]

SkyTrain critic’s “alternative” to Broadway subway is half-baked

Introduction Critics of SkyTrain as a technology and rapid transit option are everywhere. Largely motivated by a fear of all […]

Optimizing Transit: Ideas for Burnaby

Introduction As a Burnaby resident and transit user for the past 8 months, I must admit that I, perhaps among […]