How will anti-TransLink vote influence transit referendum?

Also featured on: Metro604 A comment on the recent Price Tags article on the upcoming November 2014 TransLink Referendum (TransLink […]

With a referendum on transit funding, we just won’t know.

As I was looking at how referendums on funding (especially transit funding) have been done in other cities like in […]

LETTER to Mayor Watts and Council: FCM choices were inconsiderate

I was unhappy enough about the Mayor and Council’s decision to stay at a hotel for the FCM conference rather […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Don’t expect the Surrey Board of Trade to care about nature

I wanted to remind our citizens what the Surrey Board of Trade really stands for. They will not side with […]

Biggest issue B.C. will face under Liberals is a disconnect with young people.

It’s been more than one year now since that day when we stood there protesting Bill 22, outside and in […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Low tax rate in high-growth Surrey appalling

The Surrey Now has published my letter responding to Michael Booth’s awesome editorial [CLICK HERE] exploring how Surrey’s low tax […]