The iPhone 5C is not a “budget” iPhone.

Worldwide Marketing Senior Vice President Phil Schiller stands in front of iPhone 5Cs at the recent Apple unveiling event; Photo: CC BY-SA Globovisión
Worldwide Marketing Senior Vice President Phil Schiller stands in front of iPhone 5Cs at the recent Apple unveiling event; Photo: CC BY-SA Globovisión

The new iPhone 5C is not a budget iPhone.

It’s a smart move by Apple of keeping their profit margins higher, as it costs less for them to produce a 5C and offer it at the last-gen price, than to lower the original iPhone 5’s price to a last-gen price.

With an unlocked minimum cost of $550 in the United Staes, at least one India news source is complaining [LINK HERE] that this is not an affordable smartphone for emerging markets. It is far from that. EDIT: Tech blog Engadget [LINK HERE] has also brought light to this.

By comparison, the new and high-end Moto X smartphone by Motorola – which is, unlike the Chinese-manufactured iPhone 5C (which is already the subject of at least one labour scandal [LINK HERE]) is completely built in the U.S.A. with the most ethical practices, costs $575 unlocked – just $25 more. Motorola is preparing an even lower-cost Moto X that will completely undercut the iPhone 5C despite more ethical manufacturing.

Here’s a graphic from Engadget:

iPhone 5C vs. Motorola Moto X - from Engadget
iPhone 5C vs. Motorola Moto X – from Engadget

And, thus, by concept the iPhone 5C we have come to expect is a massive failure.

It’s just another attempt by the world’s greediest and most irresponsible corporation to fool people (by way of marketing) into giving them lots of money, through exceptionally high profit margins, that they will stow away and rarely if ever use.

NOKIA and Microsoft release the best smartphone ad ever.

In this recent advertisement of the Windows Phone OS based Nokia Lumia 920, Nokia and Microsoft showcased to us the reality of the Android vs. iOS scene.

The woman in the ad who said “I think they kind of like fighting” is definitely correct; I know this from personal experience as an Android user and fan that – as you can guess – gets into reckless arguments with iOS users and iPhone fans quite often. Upon seeing this commercial I was delighted at how many of the arguments people are using are quite correct!

Many iPhone users are mad that Android “copies” most of iOS and iPhone features (although that is really only a perception, and based on my research I have put into my Apple Hypocrisy website project it is actually not true) I regularly label iPhone fans as “iSheep” in my mind when I’m in a debate, because many of them chose the iPhone using a limited criteria; usually one that did make features and productivity a top priority.

That “wheeeeeee” before the commotion while the person showcased S-Beam again was just too perfect! All that an Android user needs to showcase the Android advantage of better features and catch the attention (or provoke) an iOS user is to show one in action.

As the ad is probably meant for, some people are going to be tempted to switch to Windows phone (especially those who really hate the arguments between iOS and Android users). For me, this sadly won’t do. Although I really like Windows 8 for desktop and for tablets (though I have an Android tablet now, a Windows 8 tablet in the future – perhaps like this ASUS transformer all-in-one – is something I look at with a keen eye), I’ve already chosen Android for my mobile phone and moving to Windows phone just something I am, sadly for Nokia, not going to do for reasons of inferior productivity and customization on Windows phone, Android-specific apps like Google Now and features like home-screen and lock-screen widgets.

My recommendations for most people looking for smartphones are probably also going to stay Android, but Nokia and Microsoft just earned a huge amount of respect from me for this awesome show of entertainment, and so there will definitely be more Lumia 920s going around in my smartphone talks and recommendations soon.