The consequences of this BC educational conflict are real

Above video: the Johnston Heights senior choir performs for students At Johnston Heights Secondary in Surrey, where I completed my […]

The Problem with SkyTrain Critics – Denying the Benefits

I think I’ve pretty much seen it all: unfound claims on SkyTrain’s financial burden, claims that entire tram networks could […]

The Real Reason Children Have Lost the Freedom to Roam

Response to StreetFilms: Children Have Lost the Freedom to Roam The video above is certainly right that the car-orientation of […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Low tax rate in high-growth Surrey appalling

The Surrey Now has published my letter responding to Michael Booth’s awesome editorial [CLICK HERE] exploring how Surrey’s low tax […]

DEBUNKING MYTHS: “LRT will bring mid-rises, SkyTrain will bring towers”

From Daryl Dela Cruz, Better Surrey Rapid Transit Campaign Director Also posted on Better Surrey Rapid Transit Why does the […]

Daryl vs. Councillor Rasode on Rapid Transit and Business Impact

“Add your thoughts here (optional)”…. well, the whole article is based on my thoughts. Enjoy, everyone. There’s a reason that […]