No credit for TransLink – 2: Where are the good stats?

Aaron Meier (@aaron_meier) – Feb 14 Friend told me that@Translink is more expensive than other cities. Time to remind people […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: TransLink didn’t propose .5% sales tax

I almost let this one slip under my nose! It looks like the Langley Times published one of my letter […]

Scrutineers are putting TransLink through too many zero-win scenarios

Scrutineers are putting TransLink into so many zero-win scenarios that it is starting to become absurd. A growing petition has […]

How will anti-TransLink vote influence transit referendum?

Also featured on: Metro604 A comment on the recent Price Tags article on the upcoming November 2014 TransLink Referendum (TransLink […]

With a referendum on transit funding, we just won’t know.

As I was looking at how referendums on funding (especially transit funding) have been done in other cities like in […]

REALITY CHECK: Debunking more myths of TransLink “inefficiency”

NOTICE: This article has been superseded by the new, updated data in my latest write-up: Referendum Myths: TransLink Inefficiency [LINK] […]

Transit is more affordable in Vancouver (Infographic)

A few days ago I was speaking to a good friend and a colleague of mine, who really wasn’t a […]

LETTER: Support a regional sales tax for transit

I just don’t see how a small regional sales tax increase to fund transit is a bad idea. We need […]